Technology still holds surprises The BIC® Education screen allows children to learn how to write just like on paper. With an ergonomically designed digital pen, they can press on the screen with one hand while they write with the other without the two inputs causing interference. The screen feels like paper, too; it s made of a special resistant surface so that the pen slides over it similar to writing on paper.

How do you teach with it? The teachers who have experimented with the solution say it is exciting the educational software that works with the tablets means that the teacher can guide the students as they work or review their work after the class, doing exercises, monitoring progress,

For more than 60 years, BIC has been beside children around the world as they take their first steps towards writing, with their simple, reliable products. The same philosophy is behind the development of BIC® Education, working effectively with teachers and students in an increasingly digital world.

Billy Salha, Director of BIC Europe.


A computer with BIC® Connect software for the teacher

BIC® Tab digital tablets for studentsThe moveable

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Services to go with it

correcting mistakes, individually or for different groups. Beginning in the fall of 2013, we plan to let teachers share their advice, exercises they have prepared, problems they encounter and more on a BIC® dedicated platform. BIC® Education continues to adapt and improve.

Next generation teaching? Greeted by the press, BIC® Education encourages children to read and write with modern technology. Students have a hands-on, fun tool that lets them work at their level and helps them learn one of the most difficult skills in their early education. Teachers have an adaptable tool that lets

them give students a solid start for future learning, and can be shared among multiple classes within the same school, benefiting 100% of the students. A combination of the best of both handwriting and digital technology, BIC® Education combines old-school and high-tech. The tool is launched in March 2013. Stay tuned for more news

WHAT THE FRENCH ACADEMY OF SCIENCE SAYS In its report published on January 22, 2013, the French Académie des Sciences concluded that Elementary school is the best place to begin systematically educating children with digital technology, of which educational use can lead to a major educative progress.