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Every year, the first sunny days coincide with a sudden urge to take off your tights and show off smooth and tanned legs. For the best tan, there’s nothing like a weekend spent barefoot in the grass. But, for smooth legs, BIC has THE solution: put a touch of Soleil® in your everyday life.

Whatever the temperature, BIC® Soleil® shavers will always be there for you! In a 3-blade version – scented handle or “all-in-one” – or in a 4-blade version, BIC® Soleil® shavers guarantee perfect, safe shaving every time. Every BIC® Soleil® shaver meets women’s specific requirements.

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A long bath with essential oils and scented candles. A run at 6.30 followed by an invigorating shower. Showered, fed and dressed in 5 minutes flat.

woman are you?
Your ideal day is:
A football match “with friends”. One activity per second, never the same one. Stylish shopping on the Champs-Elysees.

In the morning, do you prefer:

Your best friend thinks you are:
Always in great form. Very “preppy”. Miss “good ideas”.

The film you would be capable of watching 20 times:
2012. Whatever works. The holiday.

Your favourite weekend outfit is:
Light dress and ballet shoes. Cashmere and silk: the accent on softness. Jeans and comfortable t-shirt.

Your next summer holidays will be:
Sun worshipping in Corsica. Equitable tourism in Burkina Faso. Ibiza with a group of friends.

Add up your colours and discover your Soleil® profile and test the razor that most suits you in this boxed set!
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you are a BIC Soleil Easy woman
® ®

New !
The shaving kit (1 handle + 4 refills) in one pack
Its 3 blades, pivoting head and extra-wide sweet almond oil lubricating strip guarantee a very gentle, close shave. Its long shimmery pink handle is both pretty and practical and offers an excellent grip.

You love!
Its ultra-practical aspect: 1 handle and 4 refills in one single pack. It’s easier to pack away and goes with you everywhere; both for last minute touching up or long-distance travel. Not forgetting its low price for more shaves. Indicative public price: 4.99 €

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you are a BIC Soleil Bella woman
® ® TM

New !

The 4-blade shaver for perfect, safe shaving
Its high precision, moveable blade technology follows the body’s contour while regulating pressure of the blades on the skin, for impeccable shaving. Pivoting head, lubricating strip enriched with coconut extracts, ergonomic handle with two non-slip grips and, above all, 3 very trendy, translucent colours.

You love!
The very high quality of the 4 blades for gorgeous legs.

Indicative public price: 5.50 €

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you are a BIC Soleil Pivot woman
® ®

The “Comfort and pleasure” 3-blade shaver
The 3-blade razor with pivoting head, double Aloe Vera lubricating strip and citrus-scented ergonomic handle.

You love!
Its scented handle and zesty colours that make you want to display proudly it in your bathroom.

Indicative public price: 5.50 €

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for effective shaving!

1) Do it in the evening! Shaving can sometimes make the skin feel taut. So shave in the evening to soothe your skin during the night. If you go to the swimming pool or the beach, shave the night before to avoid any stinging. 2) Keep warm! Keep warm to avoid goose bumps which are not easy to shave over and can cause irritations. 3) Clean your skin! To avoid irritations, remember to clean the zones to be shaved with a cleansing and purifying gel. 4) Remember to exfoliate! Before you shave, it is recommended to exfoliate your skin with a glove or gel to remove any dead cells for a close, smooth shave. Repeat this operation several times a week to make your skin softer and avoid in-growing hairs. 5) Discover hot water! Hot water makes your skin more elastic and softens hairs, which maintains your razor longer. Wet your skin with hot water or shave under the shower. 6) Change your shaver! Remember to change your shaver regularly so that it is always clean and offers a smooth shave without having to press down.

7) Go over the top with gel! With a shaving gel, the shaver slides more easily over your skin, thus avoiding skin irritations. Use gel rather than normal soap. It's gentler for your skin. Spread the gel and leave it two minutes on your skin before shaving. 8) Cold water is compulsory! Rinse your legs with cold water to remove any excess gel. Cold water closes the pores and tones the skin. 9) Pamper your razor! Do not wipe your razor with a towel. Let it dry naturally in the air. 10) Moisturise! To optimise a smooth shave, apply an alcohol-free moisturising cream on your skin. 11) Bodyguard! After shaving your underarms, use an alcohol-free deodorant to avoid irritating your skin.

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P ro d u c t i o n s e c r e t s

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Since their launch in 1975, BIC® shavers are 100% manufactured in BIC® production units. BIC thus guarantees quality throughout the production process. To manufacture a shaver meeting BIC® high quality standards, 12 operations are necessary and 23 different checks are made.



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Visual and dimensional checks as well as quality tests are carried out on blades, moulded parts and end products throughout the production process.

Precision equipment
The plastic and dye used to make the shaver parts are previously mixed then injection-moulded with extreme precision. The handle is moulded in a bi-injection process combining two materials: one for the rigid handle and the other for the grip.


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Quality and safety
The BIC Quality Department permanently assesses global production. It thus ensures that, in each production unit, the same quality and safety requirements are met. This process applies to both men and women’s shavers. BIC® shaver packaging is optimised to use minimum raw materials while protecting the product.


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More information....
A BIC® shaver’s edge is 2,000 finer than a hair!
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BIC Contact : +33 1 45 19 53 55 Claire Gerard, Email: claire.gerard@bicworld.com Press Contact : AJB Conseils Tel : +33 1 46 08 12 68 e-mail : contact@ajb-conseils.com

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