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Jobs at BIC

Research & Development

Let me introduce you to our Research & Development Department!

Develop new products that reflect BIC’s history of quality, reliability and affordability. Promote the use of technology and innovation in developing products for our consumers.

Working in an international environment, the R&D teams develop new products through every stage, from the concept phase to initial industrial design to production. In addition, the R&D teams implement new technological developments, product simulations and modeling, patent research and processes for new product qualification.

Passion for our products, discipline, ingenuity.


Let me introduce you to our Manufacturing Department!

Manufacture 40 million products every day that respect BIC's quality and price standards.

Our mission is to ensure the best management of our manufacturing process. This involves developing a strong knowledge of the products, processes and manufacturing programs as well as communicating regularly between the different product categories and continents

Methodical, precise, strong capacity for teamwork.


Let me introduce you to our Quality Department!

Continuously improve the high BIC standards for quality and reliability, based on our slogan: “good first time, every time”

Our responsibilities include managing the quality of products manufactured in BIC plants, monitoring the quality level of our suppliers with regular audits and plans for improvement, developing and maintaining quality systems that ensure stable and robust processes, collaborating on a regular basis with the new product development teams.

Passion for our products and the manufacturing process, meticulous, analytical with fact-based, problem-solving skills.


Let me introduce you to our Purchasing Department!

Constantly improve the Value for Money (VFM) for all products purchased by BIC. In other words, make sure that our purchased products are correctly negotiated from the start based on the following criteria: the right cost, the highest quality, the latest level of technology and top class service.

Purchasing management covers a large range of domains such as sourcing, negotiations and supplier relationship management. Rapid changes in the market require much anticipation and risk management in the procurement of raw materials, utilities and non-production items.

Passion for our products, rigor, analytical skills, curious with an open and multicultural mindset.

Supply-Chain & Customer Service

Let me introduce you to our Supply-Chain & Customer Service Department!

Help achieve our BIC Vision. This means ensuring the availability of affordable products for everyone, everywhere, every time. We work towards this objective with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

A very wide range of functions exist within the domain of Customer Service. Our overall role is to provide high-quality customer care for all customers, from big international chains to smaller stores. Within the domain of Supply Chain, we are responsible for importing/exporting/transporting goods, warehousing, organizing product flows and factory planning, forecasting sales and customizing packaging via our flexible co-packing organization. All of these activities are carried out in constant collaboration with our factories and sales and marketing teams.

Organized, positive attitude with good communication skills.


Let me introduce you to our Sales Department!

“A BIC® seen, is a BIC® sold!” This slogan summarizes the main goal of our sales force. Our brand must be present and visible in all sales outlets to ensure the constant development of our business with partners, customers and consumers.

The various sales functions include: in-the-field sales forces, key account management, team management, sales support and development, category management, national/European/international customer management and many more!

Passion for our products, strong communication skills, motivated by challenges, capacity to adapt to different product positions and markets (office suppliers/modern mass market), open to international opportunities.


Let me introduce you to our Marketing Department!

Further develop the notoriety of our renowned brand throughout the world and prepare new product launches.

BIC develops three main categories of products - stationery, lighters and shavers. The marketing teams are organized according to the specific product category and territory: at a local level, the trade marketing teams are responsible for implementing the marketing requests of their customers and the market; at a continent level, the marketing teams develop the product and marketing plans and at a global level, the category teams decide the overall strategic direction of the product range.

Creativity, strong analytical and communication skills.


Let me introduce you to our Finance Department!

Our Finance team works closely with the business teams to support, manage and improve our business performance. The Finance teams work towards this goal by guaranteeing accurate financial results and developing tools that support effective decision making and business analysis.

At a category, continent and country level, the Finance teams (cost control, accounting, financial planning and analysis) collaborate with General Managers and their teams to ensure the necessary financial support to help the business grow. At an international level, the Group Finance (financial control, consolidation, tax, treasury, along with the internal audit and strategic planning teams) manages the international finance challenges of the Group and are committed to improving our overall financial and business analyses.

Rigor, precision, strong business and technical knowledge, strong analytical and communication skills.


Let me introduce you to our Legal Department!

Protect the Company assets and rights, and ensure that business practices are secure.

Three main functions exist within the Legal department: 1) Intellectual Property concerns the management of trademarks, patents, patent designs, domain names and the anti-counterfeiting activity. 2) Business Law concerns contract creation and negotiation, legal terms and conditions for labeling and promotions and also the legal management of corporate entities within BIC. 3) Product Safety concerns the qualification process that all new BIC® products must successfully complete, meeting the necessary standards and regulations before distribution.

Logics, methodical, precision, sense of organization.


Let me introduce you to our IT Department!

Support the development of our business with modern, high-performing information systems and best-in-class IT services.

BIC Information Technology (IT) covers all IT related fields from IT solutions design (business understanding, requirement analysis, system design, implementation and maintenance) to operations (application and infrastructure supervision and support). To cover these activities, we use many different competencies, from business application experts (finance, supply chain, sales…) to software technical experts and project managers, and from network and database experts to service desk and supervision technicians. BIC IT operates throughout the BIC world, with three main locations in Europe (Headquarters), the USA and Latin America.

Strong analytical and communication skills, good business knowledge, creativity.

Human Resources

Let me introduce you to our Human Resources Department!

Support the needs of our business with engaged and talented employees. At BIC, the Human Resources team aims to attract, retain and develop talented employees whose full potential is developed. Our training entity, “BIC University”, created over ten years ago, is of key importance to this objective.

Responsibilities cover various aspects of HR such as HR management, People Development, Labor Relations, Compensation & Benefits and Internal Communication.

Exemplification of the BIC values - ethics, responsibility, teamwork, simplicity, ingenuity.