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The Tipp-Ex® interactive campaign viewed more than 4 million times!
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Since its launch on YouTube one week ago, the interactive Tipp-Ex® video is revolutionizing the world of advertisement. Just imagine:


-- In less than 5 days, the campaign teaser has been seen more that 4 million in over 200 countries!

-- The campaign has been published by hundreds of blogs, shared more than 120 000 times via Facebook and twitted more than 10 000 times!

-- The campaign has appeared on television, the radio and in press articles (on and off line) where it is described as an “innovation showing Youtube’s future”.

-- Each Internet user:

   - Spends, on average, 6 minutes viewing the campaign, whereas the usual average time spent is 2 minutes.

   - Makes more than 15 key-word requests during a visit.

   - Views more than 19 pages on average.


Tipp-Ex® is a brand of the BIC Group and is the European leader in correction products. The agency BUZZMAN developed this viral campaign available on Youtube

An Italian version will be available as of the 10th of September.



      <<<As of today, already 45 million fans have viewed the Tipp-Ex® campaign!>>>


December 2010 at the Cristal Festival: Buzzman agency has won the Grand Cristal of the Festival for the campaign, "A hunter shoots a bear".