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BIC receives corporate governance award
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BIC has been classed in first position for the performance of its corporate governing bodies (Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Compensation & Nomination Committee) in awards granted by the French Economic and Financial Magazine, Agefi.


The “Corporate Governance Awards” have been attributed annually since 2004 to French companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of their relations with shareholders and investors. One of the objectives of the awards is to encourage the creation of rules for good practice in corporate governance. Companies are nominated on the basis of the results of a survey completed by financial professionals which are then reviewed by a steering committee composed of financial professionals and governance specialists including members of the French Asset Management Association, the French Society of Financial Analysts and minority shareholder associations.


BIC has received two previous nominations (in 2008 for “Governance Dynamics” and in 2009 for “Social Responsibility”) and was this year rewarded for the “Performance of Governing Bodies” and classed second for “Governance Dynamics”. Among the reasons cited for this award was the separation of powers between the Chairman of the Board and the CEO.