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The Hunter and the Bear from Tipp-Ex® are back!
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Tipp-Ex®, leader of the European Correction Products Market and a brand of the BIC Group, is back with an interactive campaign on YouTube as funny and surprising as Season 1!


Launched in September 2010, the first season of the adventures of the Hunter & the Bear, “A hunter shoots a bear” was viewed time after time and generated more than 50 Million views on YouTube. The campaign has become a legend! It was rewarded with more than 20 international awards and definitively left its mark on the advertising world.


In the first season, viewers were invited to White and Rewrite THE STORY… For the second season, it’s now time to White and Rewrite HISTORY!


The BUZZMAN agency, also creators of Season 1, has developed a new series of 46 funny films where the Hunter & the Bear are celebrating their birthday party at different dates in history! It is visitors to the YouTube page that change the date after deleting the current date, 2012 (the end of the world!), with a Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Tape. Some of the films also offer incredible interactive animations – you just have to find them!


Click on the link to discover the introductory video to the campaign available online from today, 12 April 2012, and continue the experience on

Fans of the two stars may also unite on a dedicated facebook page where they can discover films they might have missed and discover other great promotions from the Tipp-Ex® brand.


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