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BIC Official Supporter of the Tour de France 2012

After a strong return to the Publicity Caravan in 2011, BIC is back in 2012 as the OFFICIAL SUPPORTER of the 99th Tour de France.



For the first time BIC® is the official pen, lighter, and shaver of the Tour de France. From 30th June to 22nd July 2012, with a crowd of 12 million Tour de France spectators, BIC will have a series of activities and events during the most prestigious cycling event in the world. These will consist of:


- An electric vehicle and the BIC® mascot at the finish line,

- Four cars and a flatbed truck with a sound system, customized with the colors of the brand and presenting new BIC® products,

- Distribution of more than 400 000 goodies all along the course as well as flyers, inviting people to discover the back-to-school “ECONOBIC” plan which has been put in place in shops,

- Distribution of pens to the public in the starting village, especially around the riders’ signature podium.


BIC is extending this partnership to stores (supermarkets and trade stores) by awarding BIC themed gifts between 1st May and 31st July (BIC/Tour de France mountain bikes, vintage jerseys from the former BIC cycling team, and Tour de France backpacks).


Two symbols of French heritage united

A popular and friendly gathering par excellence, the Tour de France shares values that the BIC® brand has offered to its consumers for over 60 years. This mutual commitment has lasted a long time. Since its creation in the 50s, the French brand has travelled the roads of France at the heart of the Publicity Caravan. From 1967 to 1974, it was also involved in the race with its own team of professional road cyclists; its iconic riders Jacques Anquetil, Lucien Aimar, Luis Ocana, Jan Janssen, etc., all showcased their talent during such prestigious races as the Tour de France, the Vuelta a España, and the Giro d’Italia .


The BIC® Evolution™ pencil celebrates its birthday on the Tour

On Tuesday 3rd July 2012, the Publicity Caravan and riders still in the competition  will travel the 197km between Orchies and Boulogne-sur-Mer. They will pass the BIC factory in the village of Samer (62) where millions of BIC® Evolution™ graphite and coloring pencils are made every day. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the 20th birthday of this iconic pencil, which is made with over 50% recycled materials.

The Hunter and the Bear from Tipp-Ex® are back!

Tipp-Ex®, leader of the European Correction Products Market and a brand of the BIC Group, is back with an interactive campaign on YouTube as funny and surprising as Season 1!


Launched in September 2010, the first season of the adventures of the Hunter & the Bear, “A hunter shoots a bear” was viewed time after time and generated more than 50 Million views on YouTube. The campaign has become a legend! It was rewarded with more than 20 international awards and definitively left its mark on the advertising world.


In the first season, viewers were invited to White and Rewrite THE STORY… For the second season, it’s now time to White and Rewrite HISTORY!


The BUZZMAN agency, also creators of Season 1, has developed a new series of 46 funny films where the Hunter & the Bear are celebrating their birthday party at different dates in history! It is visitors to the YouTube page that change the date after deleting the current date, 2012 (the end of the world!), with a Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Tape. Some of the films also offer incredible interactive animations – you just have to find them!


Click on the link to discover the introductory video to the campaign available online from today, 12 April 2012, and continue the experience on

Fans of the two stars may also unite on a dedicated facebook page where they can discover films they might have missed and discover other great promotions from the Tipp-Ex® brand.


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BIC joins forces with CARE NGO to implement a Social...

February 2012 - Since the month of May 2011, the BIC Group has become a partner of CARE in its “Rural Sales Program” that enables women in Bangladesh to overcome poverty by developing their professional activity.


An innovative project in partnership with CARE

CARE’s “Rural Sales Program” has been in place since 2004.  It assists women who are among the poorest, the Aparajitas (“those who never give up”), to develop their own activity by selling articles door-to-door in remote rural areas. Since the partnership between BIC and CARE was signed in May 2011, these women include BIC® shavers in their baskets.  To support them, the local BIC distributor and CARE teams provide training in sales and demonstrate the specific features of the products and shaving practices. 


Sustainable solutions to fight against poverty

To promote this form of entrepreneurship, BIC and CARE offer these women an appropriate and sustainable solution by providing them with the means to escape poverty and social isolation, and in this way to give them a sense of pride and a new role to play in their community.  Today, this program includes 900 businesswomen and their families.  This new distribution method allows the inhabitants of isolated villages to have access to simple, good-quality and inexpensive products.


As Edgar Hernandez, General Manager for Developing Markets of the BIC Group, points out, “Thanks to CARE’s Rural Sales Program in Bangladesh, we believe we can provide concrete and lasting solutions to the populations that need them.  For BIC, it is also an opportunity to test a new approach to distribution in these countries, and to acquire a better understanding of the expectations of their inhabitants.”


Philippe Lévèque, Executive Director from CARE France, adds, “This innovative partnership with companies such as BIC enables us to experiment with new ways of reducing poverty.  This distribution program, which places emphasis on the social impact it can have among some of the poorest women in Bangladesh, also permits CARE to involve private players outside traditional sponsorship and to learn from their expertise for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations.


To know more about the BIC Care program: YouTube (link in the orange area)


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