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BIC creates the recyclable shaver

As of April 2010, BIC® shaver users will be able to recycle their shavers by sending them back to BIC!


The process is simple: consumers buy their BIC® shavers, use them, order a prepaid envelope on a dedicated website and send their used shavers back to BIC for free. The BIC Group will have them recycled and turned into washing machine parts! A real commitment to responsible consumption.



Speaking about the operation, Marie Saglio, BIC France’s General Director, stated “BIC has always promoted long-lasting products- about 10 shaving days per shaver- and the use of a minimum amount of raw materials for both products and packaging. With this recycling operation launched in France, BIC goes further and confirms its will to commit to innovative environmental solutions”.


A precursor in the area, the Group, which manufactures all its shavers in its own plants located in France, Greece and Brazil, implemented in 2004 a sustainable development program in order to reduce its environmental impacts and strengthen its social commitment through quantified objectives. In 2009, BIC also launched the 3-Blade shaver BIC® EcolutionsTM, the first shaver made from bioplastic, a form of plastic derived from renewable biomass sources.


Beyond the environmental perspective, this recycling initiative offered by BIC will take an economic and social dimension through the mobilization of reinsertion centers for disabled workers as well as a small French company specialized in recycling.

Shaver collection and recycling will start in France in April 2010.


The launch of the operation will be accompanied by in-store communication and relayed on a dedicated website in order to raise public awareness on the collection and recycling.

BIC receives the French NF Environment ecolabel, NF...

BIC is the first manufacturer of writing instruments to receive the French NF Environnement (NF 400) eco-label for seven of its products



The BIC Group is the first manufacturer to receive the French NF 400 Writing Instruments eco-label for seven of its products, including the BIC® Orange ball-point pen (fine point 0.8mm) and the BIC® Evolution 650 graphite pencil. The NF Environnement label is the official French ecological certification.

"We are extremely proud to have received the NF Environnement label for these products. It recognizes the core philosophy of our business -- offering products that are developed with the minimum amount of raw materials yet  that have a long-lasting usage," said Mario Guevara, Chief Executive Officer of the BIC Group. 


The NF Environnement label is delivered by the French national organization for standardization, AFNOR (Association française de Normalisation). It is awarded to products that have less impact on the environment yet maintain an equivalent performance. To obtain this certification, products must comply with criteria based on their ecological qualities and the product utility. These criteria assess the reduction of the environmental impacts (energy consumption, industrial by-products, air and water pollution, etc.) of the product throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the product’s life.


BIC® products obtained this eco-label mainly as a result of the company's limited use of raw materials, the use of recycled materials, the long-lasting performance of its writing instruments, and the resistance of its leads.


First launched in 1965, the BIC® Orange fine point (0.8mm) weighs only 4.78g (without the ink) and writes for 2.4 km (1.5 miles). The BIC® Evolution 650 graphite pencil, which has been on the market since 1994, is made from 57% recycled material.

Using products that carry the NF Environnement label help consumers to develop ecologically responsible behavior and reduce the negative impact of products on the environment. Moreover, it allows state institutions to conform to the requirements set out in the Grenelle Environnement agreements that require them to convert to environmentally responsible purchases by 2012.


The BIC Group is committed to a global approach in sustainable development based on continuous improvement. Performance and progress are tracked with a barometer of 10 indicators used by the Group that covers all aspects of sustainable development. BIC is listed on the stock market indexes FTSE4Good Europe, ASPI Eurozone and Ethibel Excellence Europe, which unite the top-performing companies in terms of social and environmental results. BIC is also part of the Carbon Disclosure French Leadership index 2009 (CDLI).