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BIC receives the French NF Environment ecolabel, NF...

BIC is the first manufacturer of writing instruments to receive the French NF Environnement (NF 400) eco-label for seven of its products



The BIC Group is the first manufacturer to receive the French NF 400 Writing Instruments eco-label for seven of its products, including the BIC® Orange ball-point pen (fine point 0.8mm) and the BIC® Evolution 650 graphite pencil. The NF Environnement label is the official French ecological certification.

"We are extremely proud to have received the NF Environnement label for these products. It recognizes the core philosophy of our business -- offering products that are developed with the minimum amount of raw materials yet  that have a long-lasting usage," said Mario Guevara, Chief Executive Officer of the BIC Group. 


The NF Environnement label is delivered by the French national organization for standardization, AFNOR (Association française de Normalisation). It is awarded to products that have less impact on the environment yet maintain an equivalent performance. To obtain this certification, products must comply with criteria based on their ecological qualities and the product utility. These criteria assess the reduction of the environmental impacts (energy consumption, industrial by-products, air and water pollution, etc.) of the product throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the product’s life.


BIC® products obtained this eco-label mainly as a result of the company's limited use of raw materials, the use of recycled materials, the long-lasting performance of its writing instruments, and the resistance of its leads.


First launched in 1965, the BIC® Orange fine point (0.8mm) weighs only 4.78g (without the ink) and writes for 2.4 km (1.5 miles). The BIC® Evolution 650 graphite pencil, which has been on the market since 1994, is made from 57% recycled material.

Using products that carry the NF Environnement label help consumers to develop ecologically responsible behavior and reduce the negative impact of products on the environment. Moreover, it allows state institutions to conform to the requirements set out in the Grenelle Environnement agreements that require them to convert to environmentally responsible purchases by 2012.


The BIC Group is committed to a global approach in sustainable development based on continuous improvement. Performance and progress are tracked with a barometer of 10 indicators used by the Group that covers all aspects of sustainable development. BIC is listed on the stock market indexes FTSE4Good Europe, ASPI Eurozone and Ethibel Excellence Europe, which unite the top-performing companies in terms of social and environmental results. BIC is also part of the Carbon Disclosure French Leadership index 2009 (CDLI).

BIC® ecolutions™, BIC's first shaver with a bioplastic...

In a snapshot…• BIC® products are designed on the principle of using the minimum amount of raw material while offering the best quality. • Today, BIC is launching BIC® ecolutions™, a triple-blade shaver delivering up to ten close, smooth, comfortable, and more environmentally friendly shaves*.


• With a bioplastic handle, the result of five years of research, and 100% recycled cardboard packaging, BIC® ecolutions™ takes a step towards a cleaner environment.• BIC® ecolutions™ an environmentally friendly high-performance shaver at an affordable price. (suggested retail price: 3,15€ for four shavers). Available in supermarkets.


In 1975, when Marcel Bich launched his first shaver, he had a specific goal in mind: to make shaving easy and affordable, without compromising quality. Shavers and packaging were designed to make them both as light as possible. His quest to strip away the superfluous was visionary. BIC this was just the start for BIC. Today's new challenge worldwide is to halt the consumption of non-renewable natural resources. Relying on more than half a century's specialist experience in the precision molding of plastic, BIC has been working for several years to develop the best alternative to petroleum-based plastics. The launch of the BIC® ecolutions™, in January 2009, represents the next step forward for BIC. 

  1. Bioplastic handle
  2. Green colorants of vegetable origin
  3. Light packaging: maximum function, minimum size
  4. 100% recycled cardboard
  5. Ink of vegetable origin

BIC® ecolutions™, BIC's first shaver with a bioplastic handle,for more ecological, high-performance shave at a low price. 


What is bioplastic?

Bioplastic is a product of a chemical process that changes glucose into plastic. Today, it is made of corn, a renewable resource, but BIC is already looking at potential materials for the future. Research is underway to produce the next generation of bioplastic, to be produced from the non-edible parts of plants and vegetables. 

Any changes in performance?

No compromise on quality. BIC® ecolutions™ triple-blade technology provides a close and precise shave while an incorporated lubricating strip with aloe and vitamin E provides optimal comfort. The BIC® ecolutions™ shaver is produced in our European ISO 14001 certified BIC factory.

What about packaging?

BIC® ecolutions™ packaging has been reduced to its minimum size. It is made from 100% recycled cardboard and bio inks from vegetable based pigments.

How about price?

Consumers usually perceive green products as expensive. However, with a suggested retail price of 3,15 € per pack of four shavers, BIC® ecolutions™ remains affordable for everyone. 


This is a first step. Research at BIC continues... 


*The carbon footprint of the BIC® ecolutionsTM shaver is reduced by 27 percent (from 59 to 43g CO2 - eq) compared to the BIC® 3 Sensitive shaver (Source:EVEA)


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The BIC® phone publicity campaign

The BIC® phone is a simple mobile, 100% ready to go. Launched on the 7th of August, it is the result of a partnership between BIC and Orange. Already very well known thanks to the media coverage generated by its launch, the BIC® Phone will further its fame with this poster/Internet publicity campaign as of the 13th of October. It is displayed on billboards and Internet banners all over France:

  • 11,000 billboards and posters throughout the entire country
  • Internet banners on websites that target potential users of the BIC® phone (general-interest sites, classified ad sites or sites dedicated to expatriates and tourists in France …).

The Vanksen agency has created and developed an entire line of communication tools which promote the image of the BIC® phone: simple, efficient and… cheeky. 

On the launch of this publicity campaign, Valérie Ballestra and Vincent Parachini, project managers for the BIC® phone for the BIC Group, state: “The aim of this advertising campaign is to increase the fame of the BIC® phone and to strongly communicate the concept of a 100% ready to go mobile to consumers”. 

For this publicity campaign, Orange has chosen to use BIC®’s graphic identity (tone, colors…) and thus to create a real breakthrough within the mobile telephone universe” adds Laure Jouffre, Orange’s Marketing Director and Damien Rouchouse, Marketing Manager for Prepaid Services. 

In addition, the website will allow Internet users to discover the BIC® phone and its full offer in detail.

Orange and BIC® launch the BIC® phone in France

n The BIC® phone is ready to go! It comes with 60 free minutes, the battery charged, and the SIM card already in place.n With the BIC® phone, you pay as you go, with a prepaid “mobicarte” refill card. n The BIC® phone is easy to use since it focuses on cell phone basics: sending and receiving calls and SMS. n The BIC® phone pack will be easy to find. It will be sold over the counter, in major supermarkets and local convenience stores (tobacco shops, newsstands, train stations, airports…), and will be available as of the back to school period, at a suggested retail price of €49 including tax. The BIC® phone will be sold in Metropolitan France only.Available in citrus orange and lime green, with innovative packaging, the BIC® phone will appeal to consumers who like easy-to-use and pay as you go products. It also meets specific phoning requirements, serving as a back-up phone if needed (e.g. a second line when advertising the sale of an apartment, a car ... which leaves the main phone line free).The Orange and BIC® partnership brings an original and high-quality offer that is designed for everyone. Orange provides its technical knowledge about telephone and service quality, while simplicity and quality at the right price have been BIC® values for over 50 years. The BIC® phone offer in detail: §         The BIC® phone offer includes 60 free minutes, valid for 2 months from the time the phone is activated. §         In order to receive all 60 minutes of free time, clients must identify themselves to Orange service agents.  §         The telephone number, which is included in the pack, is valid for at least 12 months from the time the phone is activated.  §         The BIC® phone is manufactured by TCL which sells its mobiles under the Alcatel brand. §         Suggested retail price: €49 including tax.

Addendum: BIC phone is not a “disposable” phone. It is sold with a rechargeable battery, included in the pack and when your 60 minute credit is over, you can buy more credit with a prepaid “mobicarte.