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BIC introduces a new and reusable portable ashtray
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BIC Consumer Products USA is launching the BIC Portable Ashtray that features a fireproof lining and sturdy button clasp that locks in odor while allowing consumers to extinguish up to five lit cigarettes.


With a suggested retail price of $1.00, the reusable ashtray is available in green, blue, and yellow with quirky slogans including:


§         The butt stops here!

§         Get your butt in here!

§         Use this ashtray not the highway!


“Many smokers toss their cigarette butts on the ground due to the lack of availability of proper receptacles,” said Adam Blumenthal, brand manager—Lighters, BIC Consumer Products USA. “As many states and municipalities have banned indoor smoking in places where consumers traditionally lit up, the BIC Portable Ashtray is a convenient accessory that can help prevent littering. With this new accessory, BIC is continuing to strengthen its relationship with consumers.”