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BIC Launches Easy-to-use and Affordable Mailing Labels
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BIC is launching two lines of mailing labels:  BIC Print & Peel Mailing Labels, and BIC Ecolutions™ Mailing Labels.  

These labels are designed for value conscious professionals and home users who want high-quality labels that are easy-to-use, yet affordable. Templates for these labels are available for use in Microsoft®

 Word. In addition, each package will direct consumers to a 1-800 phone number should they require technical support.  

The BIC Ecolutions Mailing Labels, which are a natural tan color, are made from 100% recycled paper. They are a great alternative for the consumer who wants an eco-friendly mailing label product, and they will be priced the same as BIC Print & Peel white labels.  Specially marked packages of BIC white, clear and recycled mailing labels will also offer 20% more sheets than the leading competitor, driving consumer value.   

“Offering labels to the U.S. consumer makes sense from a business standpoint, since BIC purchased Brazilian label manufacturer, PIMACO, in 2006,” said Mary-Ellen Lacasse, senior brand manager—Stationery, BIC Consumer Products USA. “BIC Print & Peel Mailing Labels and BIC Ecolutions Mailing Labels work with both laser and jet printers and offer the best value to the consumer and retailer.” 

The labels are available in white, clear and recycled (under the BIC Ecolutions brand) in the two most popular sizes, ½” x 1 ¾” (white and recycled), and 1” x 2 ⅝” (white, recycled and clear).  The suggested retail prices for the BIC Print & Peel white labels and BIC Ecolutions recycled labels range from $6.39 to $12.00 per package and $12.59 to $26.00 for the BIC Print & Peel clear labels.