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Slim - J3/J23

Slim - J3/J23

Everyday accessory for women

Key Benefits:
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable to use
  • Pre-adjusted flame. Controls height of flame
  • Child-resistant safety guard: prevents lighter ignition by children according to EN 13869
  • Oval-shaped barrel fits well in the hand. Slim size
  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Conforms with ISO 9994
  • Built with proven BIC quality



BIC J23 Slim can offer a maximum of approximately 1,800 lights (1) due to its specific design including, among others:

- A proper combination of flint stone length and spark wheel efficiency providing more than enough ignition attempts based on the fuel level.

- A minimum fuel content of approximately 2.6 g allowed by a judicious design of the body and the use of a technical resin for said body.

- A maximum fuel content of approximately 2.9 g corresponding to a volumetric displacement of 82% (2).


(1) Light = Flame height of 25 mm and duration of 1.3 s in normal conditions of temperature and pressure.
(2) ISO 9994 request not to exceed a volumetric displacement of 85%

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