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Marking™ Onyx® 1481/1482/1591/1592/1891

Available Colors


Marking™ Onyx® 1481/1482/1591/1592/1891

Writes on most surfaces

Key Benefits:
  • 1481 - Chisel nib, line width 3.7 - 5.2mm
  • 1482 - Bullet nib, line width 1.5mm
  • 1591 - Chisel nib, line width 3.7 - 5.5mm. Larger ink capacity
  • 1592 - Bullet nib, line width 1.5mm. Larger ink capacity
  • 1891 - Chisel nib, line width 9.9mm
  • Ultra-stiff, blocked acrylic nib
  • Its special nib with supple tracing allows a neat and unbroken mark on irregular surfaces, even abrasive ones
  • Solvent based permanent ink
  • Ink with no xylene and no toluene
  • Weather and light resistance (black markers)
  • Ink goes onto any surface, even greasy or dirty
  • Indelible in most conditions, even extreme ones
  • Metal body cast in one piece: very solid and shock resistant
  • Color-coded end and security lock cap
  • Recommended for industrial use

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