MIDDLE-EAST: A LOYALTY PROGRAM THAT WORKS The BIC® lighter loyalty program s objective was reached, with a strong gain in

distribution, product visibility and distributor loyalty in the Middle East, particularly for small points of sale. 2,000 new displays were implemented and 1,000 new points of sale gained across the region.


For a back to school with all the right gear and a smile, BIC Mexico rolled out a major campaign to promote the BIC® Evolution™ graphite pencils. With a television spot, a series of ads in papers, events in the street and a major operation in the Mexico City subway, the focus was the exceptional endurance of this pencil. The only thing that can stand up to the brand s mascot, a cute little dog that bites everything he sees, is of course the BIC® Evolution™ pencil!


"And which BIC® lighter is the one for you?" Good question, given how many lighters there are in the BIC® range! To introduce them better to Mexican consumers, BIC Mexico started a multi- channel campaign, including television spots, posters, advertising inserts in printed media and in points of sale. Fun and effective, the campaign had a huge impact on consumers. It helped strengthen BIC® lighter presence and contributed to sales growth of the lighter category.


WRECK-IT RALPH AND BIC®, BEST FRIENDS AT SCHOOL To drive back to school in January 2013, BIC Australia partnered with the

new Disney® movie Wreck-It Ralph, reinforcing the connection of the brand with families. The fully integrated promotional and advertising campaign featured a promotion giving consumers the chance to win a family trip to the Disneyland Resort in California, along with a number of instant win prizes including a year's supply of BIC® stationery products.

AN ICONIC BIC DISPLAY A BIC® lighter display in the shape of, what else, a BIC® lighter! As the market leader in the one of the most

tightly legislated markets in the world, BIC Oceania is betting that spiffy designs and noteworthy displays will increase the brand s visibility with regards to lighters. Winner of an award for the semi-permanent display at the POPAI in Las Vegas in 2012, the BIC® Lighter shape display adapts easily to retailer requirements and succeeded in boosting sales. This display has been widely used in Australia and New Zealand this year, and should be even more present on the territory in 2013.

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