For the third edition of BIC tween us, we have decided to take you behind the scenes at BIC® to where all the famous products are born

to be useful, clever, sturdy, economical, and above all, simple. But sometimes it's complicated making things simply - you have to be ingenious, technical, precise To learn a few of the secrets

behind the products, this edition s reporters have opened the doors of Research & Development at BIC®, where the pens, lighters and

shavers that make your every day life easier are created.

Quality and innovation at work for consumers, that s the brand s DNA thinking about uses for the products of tomorrow, adapting products, comparative testing, creating new BIC® products, all

procedures that go into inventing or perfecting the BIC® products that will win you over!

Also in this edition the pages you have come to know and love, the joint interview with Bruno Bich and Mario Guevara, the key figures, the latest BIC® launches and success stories from around the world

and shareholders' information.

And of course the Art column that focuses on artists who are inspired by the quality inherent in everything made by BIC®.

Happy reading!

The editorial staff