About to launch his Cristal® ballpoint pen in 1950, Marcel Bich simply brands it with his own name, minus the h. His first logo consists of the word BIC, inscribed in a red, round-edged parallelogram. In 1952, he calls upon celebrated French poster designer, Raymond Savignac, to mastermind the Elle court, elle court, la pointe BIC® (it runs, it runs, the BIC® point) advertising campaign, illustrated by a little boy running

after a BIC® Cristal® pen. For the Nouvelle Bille (new ballpoint) campaign in 1960, Raymond Savignac stops the boy in his tracks: dressed as a schoolboy with a pen on his back, he faces the public with a ballpoint head! The little character, placed next to the letters B-I-C, is an immediate success. Orange and black are now BIC s official colors and the logo has remained unchanged ever since.

From a familiar emblem

On the one hand, a timeless logo, barely retouched in more than 60 years