To remarkable presence across today s media

... On the other hand, the brand s playful spirit takes on a multitude of faces, presented through campaigns that have gone viral across the Web. Let's review 2015.

SUB SAHARAN AFRICA A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE FOR BIC® 1 To further establish BIC® 1 as the smart shaving solution for Sub Saharan Africa, a new TV campaign was launched in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. The TV ads starred loyal users and radio and billboard ads reinforced the real people impact with the slogan BIC® 1 Razor so unique, so many reasons to love it!

NORTH AMERICA ONE MILLION LIKES FOR THE BIC LIGHTER PAGE This year, the U.S. BIC® Lighter Facebook page made BIC history with one million fans! A quirky brand voice through its Complete the Convo sweepstakes and irreverent promotions like the Pick Your BIC® program, where BIC asked its loyal Facebook followers to vote on their favorite pocket lighter design, are the secrets to the page s success.

NORTH AMERICA FLEX 5™ SHAVER, SMOOOOOTH OPERATOR! An exclusive BIC® Flex 5™ media event in New York City kicked off the new Men, It s Time to Smooth Up media campaign, followed by social events attended by media, influencers and consumers. Digital ads, online videos, a new micro-site and an @BICRazors Twitter handle kept the conversation going throughout the year. Tips, articles and videos posted to the Facebook page and in-store displays helped achieve the sales for this popular shaver.

LATIN AMERICA GIANT BIC® CRISTAL® CAP ON TOUR IN BRAZIL BIC Brazil created a giant, 2.5-meter version of the BIC® Cristal® cap and took it on tour for 35 days, stopping at landmarks such as Copacabana Beach, the São Paulo Zoo, the Mineirão Soccer Stadium BIC Brazil s tour updates on social media and a multitude of selfies taken with the Giant Cristal® Cap on Twitter generated more than 400K hits!