Billy Salha Europe Chris Mills North America

Gonzalve Bich Developing Markets

Marie-Aimée Bich-Dufour Legal and Executive Vice President (6)

Alison James Human Resources Jim DiPietro Finance

Mario Guevara Chief Executive Officer (1) François Bich Lighters and Executive Vice President (5) Benoit Marotte Stationery

Thomas Brette Shavers Edgar Hernandez Promotional Products BIC Graphic

(1) Following Mario Guevara s decision to retire, and subject to a change in the Company s by-laws in order for the Chairman to exercise his functions until 72 years old, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer functions will be combined and Bruno Bich will be

nominated as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in May 2016. (2) Since March 1, 2016, François Bich is no longer Executive Vice President. (3) Independent. (4) Bich family holding company, represented by Édouard Bich. (5) François Clément-Grandcourt succeeded François Bich

as General Manager, Group Lighters on March 1, 2016. (6) Edouard Maruani succeeded Marie-Aimée Bich-Dufour as Group General Counsel on February 1, 2016.