BIC manufactures 32 million products. Daily. Wherever they are made in the world their quality is constant, checked and rechecked by visual, technical, mechanical, often automatic controls. There is in-house testing and real-life testing. Assembly checks. Water submersion and humidity tests for inks, with results that have led to developing 12 different inks for optimal use under every climate and to suit the handwriting styles of different world habits and traditions.

There are stopwatch-measured ink-drying tests to outlaw smears. Glide contests for pens, shavers and Stand Up Paddles! And product- punishing torsion, crush and wear tests to control material resistance. BIC Graphic, the Group s personalized products category, has even invented sticky tape tests to verify imprint durability, and fingernail-shaped tool for scratches! Like we said, it s all in the testing. Another BIC strong suit that ensures products that last.

They re tested, re-tested,

re-re-tested It s all in the testing. Before a new BIC® product

arrives on the market, it is put to the test at every stage of its development and manufacturing process.