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Fact Check 01 100% of pen balls are controlled. Perfectly spherical, they are almost harder than a diamond. 02 100% All BIC® pocket lighters meet or exceed international standards and regulation requirements (ISO 9994, EN13869, ASTM F400, US CPSC). 03 100% of all shaver blades

are visually inspected: dimensional statistical checks, sharpening angle measurement, perfect smoothness of the blade-edge assessment, etc. 04 25% One quarter of an operator s workday in a BIC® lighter factory is dedicated to quality checks. 05 30 Different controls to make a 3, 4 or 5-blade shaver that conforms to BIC s stringent quality standards. 06 50 Before leaving the factory, every BIC® lighter undergoes more than 50 automatic quality and security checks. 07 7,250 kilometers The length of writing tests carried out in 2015 on batches of ballpoint

pens, gel pens and rollers. 08 5 lighter plants With the exact same rigorous production processes and quality checks. 09 32 million products are manufactured daily in BIC factories. Their quality is checked by multiple controls that respect

national and international safety regulations/requirements.