They re classic but always new 2015 BIC® Flex 5™

2015 BIC® Maxi Décor

1972 BIC® Maxi

1979 BIC® 1 Sensitive

1965 BIC® Orange Original

2013 BIC® Cristal® Stylus

It is a model rooted in incremental often invisible-to-the-naked-eye changes that enable BIC® products to continually improve performance and stay new. At BIC, everyone can be eyes and ears when it comes to anticipating new consumer demands, inspired by simply observing a BIC® product in use or triggered by ideas that come through the employee pipeline. When a new need is identified a shaver head even better-adapted to navigating facial curves or to grooming a goatee. A pen to fit and naturally guide a young child s hand. A multi-purpose lighter that safely lights candles or the barbecue. BIC research and development teams concentrate every effort on evolving the most astute, practical and efficient technical advances to optimize the required gesture and/or performance. Responsibly.

At the core of BIC s innovation philosophy is the constant reinvention and optimization of BIC® classics, so that they may continue to withstand the test of time.