They're made for everyone From the Parisian suburb, where its story began, to every continent across the globe, BIC® is ubiquitous. The brand s simply-designed, reliable and affordable products are the same the world over.

BIC® products are made with everyone in mind. Every day, the company strives to meet the specific needs and economies of each region and to make sure the right products are available in the right place. This process requires extensive coordination and input of local teams, whose invaluable insights on products' use, local shopping behaviors, social and economic concerns, help BIC develop the most effective global distribution, ensuring wide consumer access. Here are some examples. For markets that aspire to offer more environmentally- friendly, socially-responsible products, BIC offers its innovative Ecolutions® stationery range and accelerates research into alternative materials, recycling initiatives, and more! BIC® is keeping up with the evolving landscape of e-commerce through the expansion of its presence at pure-play e-retailers and brick-and-click stores, and has launched a new, direct-to- consumer e-commerce website in the U.S. BIC® products are affordable for everyone, including consumers who live in lower- income countries, because the company



engages with local distributors to offer locally assembled, low-unit packaging. In Asia, where the cultures and geography are extremely diverse, BIC® is developing products that are specific to the region, its climate and local writing habits. Now, with a new BIC lighter factory in China, it is also able to produce local- interest sleeve designs to better serve customers and consumers across Asia. You might say that BIC belongs to everyone!