Thanks to its high technological manufacturing processes, BIC is able to produce lighters in mass production while maintaining, for each product, very high standards of quality, safety and performance. Besides, BIC uses the best raw materials for the different parts of its lighters. Every single BIC® lighter is analyzed by an integrated monitoring system. BIC has developed technically advanced industrial equipment that includes digital cameras able to measure characteristics such as the flame height with the highest degree of precision. Before leaving the factory, every BIC® lighter is individually tested and goes through more than 50 automatic quality-control checks. At the final stage of the assembly process, this monitoring system includes a com- plete test run to ensure that every pocket lighter s lighting system works perfectly.

Lighter safety, our number one priority

Made by BIC

A manufacturing process under high control


Made of the cheeks and the spark wheel.

Made of the jet and the globe seal

Made of the valve body, the membrane and the disk.

Made of the fork and the pusher.

Spark Wheel Hood

ForkFork spring


Flint spring

Jet Valve


Ball Since a lighter is a flammable gas tank under pressure and a flame generator, it must comply with safety regulations in force and safety happens to be BIC s number one priority. In order to meet consumer expec- tations, all BIC® pocket lighters meet and exceed the standards of the international safety specifications ISO 9994. This norm sets safety standards for lighters such as the resistance to high temperatures, the maximum height of the flame or the resistance to a fall.

Safety and quality: the basis of the BIC® brand.

When it comes to safety, BIC leaves nothing to chance

Before leaving the factory, every BIC® lighter is individually tested and goes through more than 50 individual and automatic quality- control checks.

The BIC® pocket lighters sold in France are manufactured in the two European factories of the BIC Group: Redon (France) and Tarragona (Spain). The two other BIC® pocket lighter factories, established respectively in the United States and in Brazil, provide the other markets of the Company. Over 40 years, BIC has manufactured more than 30 billion lighters.

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