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About the report

This first integrated report includes a summarized presentation of our Group and the components of our identity: our vision, our economic model, our organizational structure and our actions to create sustainable value.

Inspired by the framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), this report was co-managed by the Investor Relations and the Sustainable Development, applying a comprehensive approach to all aspects of our performance - financial, economic, social and environmental.

A supplement to the Registration Document, this report is designed with all of our stakeholders in mind, and in particular our shareholders and investors, our clients, our employees and all of our partners, suppliers, manufacturers, NGOs, etc.



At BIC, we believe in providing simple solutions, inventive and reliable choices that are respectful of our environment, for everyone, everywhere. Since the inception, we remain true to our values of Ethics, Responsibility, Teamwork, Simplicity.

Consistent with the values and faithful to our philosophy “Honor the Past, Invent the Future,” we are committed to our stakeholders for the long term: consumers, employees, local communities, customers, and shareholders.

We are convinced that facilitating fair access to education for all by improving learning conditions is a powerful way to build a sustainable planet-friendly future, for every one of us.


The success of our company relies on our true commitment to sustainable and responsible growth. Being a family business provides strong support in engaging for the long-term. We are determined to design and manufacture, in each of our factories, high-quality products, always at the right price.

Our results reflect the relevance of our business model and the commitment of our employees. They mirror our entrepreneurial spirit and the agility with which our Group can adapt to accelerating change, in each of our markets.

We believe that risk is a source of opportunity – for this reason, we continue to build on our strengths with audacity and courage, yet always keeping an eye on our return on investment.

It is this reality of sustainable and responsible growth that we wish to share with you in this first integrated report: our vision, our commitments, our activity and our governance.


Gonzalve Bich, Chief Executive Officer


Main steps in the history of the group

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