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Our philosophy: Building on our values, inventing the future

For the past seventy years, thanks to our unique industrial expertise and the commitment of each and every one of our employees, we have been able to dedicate ourselves to our mission: to offer simple, inventive and reliable products for everyone, everywhere.


We offer simple, inventive and reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time

When creating its first product, the BIC® Cristal® ball pen, BIC decided to focus on the essentials: creating a simple, high-quality tool, sold at the right price, to facilitate an everyday gesture that can be used by anyone, no matter where they are in the world;

The Group's development has always followed changes in consumer expectations. Whenever BIC identifies a specific need or desire, its Research & Development teams come up with an ingenious solution to optimize performance;

The best way to create user loyalty is to offer the same high quality from start to finish: more than 2 km of writing from one BIC® Cristal® ball pen, 3,000 ignitions from one BIC® Maxi lighter and 10 shaves from a BIC® Flex 3 shavers;

With BIC® products, everyone is sure that they will find the best solution at the best price, with a guaranteed level of quality. BIC also decided to position itself in close proximity to its consumers, with more than 4 million points of sale, from street kiosks to department stores, in more than 160 countries.



Nine recognized brands.


logos of brands of the bic group



Ethics, Responsibility, Teamwork, Simplicity, Ingenuity

The BIC Group vision is firmly rooted in shared values, including an ethical code, responsibility, team spirit, simplicity and ingenuity. Both in its own activities and through those of its sub-contractors, the same driving principles define BIC's framework for action and are formalized in its Code of Conduct, its Ethical Charter and its Anti-Corruption Policy.

Men and women, cornerstone of our philosophy

By making solid commitments to motivate our current and future employees to "be the best versions of themselves", BIC reaffirms that the success of the company is above all build by its people.

Controlled manufacturing, International network

In-house production is one of the cornerstones of the universal quality of BIC® products. Through its 24 self-owned and self-operated factories, BIC can ensure that it remains constantly in control of its manufacturing costs. Shared across the Group, the tools, machines and methods developed by BIC guarantee the high quality, reliability and safety of its products.

Family shareholding, long-term Vision

A listed family company since it was first created, BIC has always relied on a stable family shareholding which today owns 44% of the Group's share capital. This shareholding structure provides strong support for BIC's long-term vision.