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BIC Earns 2019 Leadership Sustainability Ranking from CDP

BIC earns leadership ranking from CDP

BIC’s continued commitment to tackle climate change in 2019 received an A- “Leadership” rating from CDP, one of the globally recognized authorities on carbon emissions.    

“While BIC still has much work to do, this Leadership ranking is a sure sign that we’re on the right track with efforts to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Claire Bottineau, BIC’s Sustainable Development Director. “This recognition highlights BIC’s commitment to minimizing our impact on climate change and it could only be achieved by our team members’ dedication.”

CDP’s ranking follows years of action to reduce BIC’s environmental footprint: Since 2009, BIC has reduced its energy consumption by 18% and achieved 68% renewable electricity usage. In addition, 94% of the company’s cardboard packaging comes from recycled sources and 80% of BIC team members work in factories that are ISO 14001 certified (or about to be).

BIC recognizes that much work remains to achieve sustainability. CDP’s citation also arrives as the company continues working toward completion of its five 2025 “Writing the Future, Together” goals, which include fostering sustainable product innovations, acting against climate change, committing to a safe work environment, proactively involving suppliers and improving lives through education.

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