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The 2nd BIC Global Education Week Helps Thousands of Students

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NOV 2019 - Team Members worldwide took part in the second annual BIC Global Education Week in November, continuing the company's legacy of giving back.


With events happening in 50 countries from Nov. 11 and 15, Team Members refurbished libraries and classrooms, held career fairs, and raised thousands for children in need.


Here are a few examples of this year's accomplishments:


European team members in Clichy organized a range of local activities such as reading to school children, collecting and distributing books to schools, recruiting volunteers to tutor students in at-risk neighborhoods, and welcoming BIC Technologies to provide support for career orientations. 

North American team members in Shelton, Conn. held a mock career fair, introducing local high school students to potential career paths. 


Latin American team members refurbished libraries and classrooms, addressed classes and workshops, and distributed BIC products to over 4,200 children.


African, Indian, and Middle Eastern team members collected donations, renovated classrooms, and hosted library building activities to improve learning conditions for thousands of students in their communities. 


Global Education Week is part of BIC's commitment to improving learning conditions for 250 million children globally by 2025, as outlined in its seven-year "Writing the Future, Together"sustainable development commitments that launched in 2017. The commitments outline BIC's ambition to limit its impact on the planet and to make a long- term, meaningful contribution to the lives of its employees and the society.


"As a third-generation family-led organization, the team at BIC cares deeply about the generations that came before us and those that will follow," said Gonzalve Bich, Chief Executive Officer at BIC. "We firmly believe that each of us has the opportunity – and responsibility – to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of those around us, and efforts like BIC Global Education Week allow us to put those beliefs into action within our local communities."


During the first annual Global Education Week in 2018, thousands of BIC team members across 50 countries worked together to impact more than 40,000 children worldwide. 


For more information on BIC and the "Writing the Future, Together" commitments,