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BIC Welcomes Father and Daughter 4-Color Fans to Montrévain Factory

Celine and Patrick Dubois with BIC team member and display of 4-Color pens

Céline Dubois and her father Patrick share a passion for BIC’s iconic 4-Color pen. Together, they have a collection of over 500, as well a dream: to visit BIC’s 4-Color factory in Montrévain, France. In February, that dream came true.


Céline and her father received an exclusive tour with BIC team members Isabelle Geze and Benoît Bemer, as well as a set of personalized 4-Color pens for their collection. They also got to see everything that goes into making their favorite pens, from the making of the ballpoint through assembly and quality control.



“You cannot imagine the work that goes into a 4-Color pen,” Patrick said. “The fabrication process behind it is sensational. I would come back for another visit tomorrow if I could.”



Céline and her father have been collecting BIC’s famous pens for about three years. News of their collection spread earlier this year when Céline put out a call on Facebook to see if anyone had extra pens she could add to their collection. The outcome was surprising.



“I didn’t think it would actually work,” Céline said. “I was expecting people to make fun of me for having such a strange hobby, but all of the feedback I got was extremely positive. I couldn’t believe how many people would send me pens for my collection. Some would even order one or two for me from the BIC online shop!”



That was only the beginning. Soon a local journalist printed their story, which brought them to French news network BFM and, eventually, to an unforgettable day at BIC that has inspired Céline to keep collecting 4-Color pens.



“They’re made in France, and it’s a great factory,” Céline said. “BIC does a great job, and the way they welcomed us was incredible. We really feel extremely lucky. I’m still dazzled by the whole experience. It was amazing.”



For more from their visit, see the pictures below. For more French coverage of Céline and Patrick’s collection, click here.


Celine and Patrick Dubois Factory VisitCeline and Patrick Dubois with BIC team members