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pack bic shave club with 5 blade razor

BIC launches BIC SHAVE CLUB®, the first online subscription service with a refillable shaver for men


BIC launches in France its first direct to consumer online-only subscription service with a BIC refillable shaver for men: The BIC SHAVE CLUB at


Consistent with BIC’s vision to offer simple and high quality products aimed at simplifying the consumer’s daily life, BIC created BIC SHAVE CLUB to meet new consumption trends with a tailor-made offer. Consumers will receive a high performance and affordable shaver directly to their home with refillable cartridges delivered at their desired frequency.


The BIC SHAVE CLUB offers diverse subscription formats, delivering the best BIC shaving technology in two refillable shavers.

#3 is the ideal shaver for a quick and efficient shave

#5 is ideal for a precise and ultra close shave


With BIC SHAVE CLUB, BIC makes another move in e-business with a dedicated online shaving delivery service that finally makes shaving simple and affordable. The service will be initially tested on the French market where the brand benefits from a strong reputation and history.