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Merca 2.0 Innovation Leaders

In their May edition, Mexican Magazine Merca 2.0 recognized BIC as one of the Top 20 innovation leaders in the country.


Each year, the magazine selects companies that are innovating in product development, sustainability, manufacturing processes and team management practices. For the first time ever, BIC has received the honor of being recognized on this list among other international corporations such as Amazon, Google, P&G, Uber and Walmart.



At BIC, innovation is part of our DNA and is present in our sustainable development commitments Writing the Future, Together. Sustainable product innovation like BIC’s Soleil Clic and Flex 3 Hybrid, launched in Latin America in 2019 and 2020 respectively, showcase how the company is offering original, responsibly manufactured, durable and high-quality products.



The article highlighted BIC’s manufacturing innovation project for processes efficiency. The automatic assembly machine to produce the BIC Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket Mouse correction tape in the Mexico Stationery factory, for example, is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art mechanism, jointly developed by BIC Mexico and BIC Technologies in France. The device allows the factory to maintain a production volume of 24 million units per year and guarantee the export capacity required to satisfy global markets, demonstrating our world-class manufacturing.



Read the full article at the link below.