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Writing the Future, Together

At BIC, we believe in providing simple, inventive, reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time. And we believe in doing so responsibly – with the planet, society and future generations in mind.


That’s why in 2018, we pledged to reach five sustainable development commitments over the course of seven years through our Writing the Future, Together program. Today, we’re thrilled to share that we are well on our way to reaching each of our goals as we move into 2020.


See below for how we’re tracking against each commitment.


Commitment #1: Fostering sustainable innovation in BIC products

By 2025, the environmental and/or societal footprint of BIC products will be improved.


In 2019, we developed a consistent methodology for assessing and improving the environmental footprint of each of our products across categories. A newly built IT solution allowed us to assess and score 90% of the BIC product portfolio, in addition to new product developments.


Fun fact: 6% of the plastic used in Stationery product manufacturing were recycled plastics.


Commitment #2: Acting against climate change

By 2025, BIC will use 80% renewable electricity.


In 2019, our organization reached 76% renewable electricity, compared to 68% in 2018. We also decreased our market-based CO2 emissions by 22%.


Fun fact: All US and Lighter sites are now using renewable electricity.


Commitment #3: Committing to a safe work environment

By 2025, BIC aims for zero accidents across all operations.


In 2019, we trained 167 managers to “manage safely” through more than 46,000 hours of health and safety training. We saw a 12% decrease in accidents for BIC paid employees and external temporary workers. The incidence rate for employees under BIC supervision has decreased to 1.87, and severity rate of the BIC workforce has decreased from 0.08 to 0.06. 


Fun fact: 55 sites, including 10 factories, reached a zero-accident level.


Commitment #4: Proactively involving suppliers

By 2025, BIC will work responsibly with its strategic suppliers to ensure the most secure, innovative and efficient sourcing.


In 2019, we developed purchasing guides to assess and select strategic suppliers based on their CSR approaches and performance. We developed a responsible purchasing training program, which was adopted as global training curriculum for buyers.


Fun fact: 43% of our contract manufacturers were audited, and we identified 292 strategic suppliers and 95 risks.


Commitment #5: Improving lives through education

By 2025, BIC will improve conditions for 250 million children, globally.


In 2019, BIC improved learning conditions for more than 61 million children. The second BIC Global Education Week involved 76 BIC sites participating from 50 countries, resulting in nearly four times the number of students impacted versus the previous year’s event.


Fun fact: More than 60% of the organization’s philanthropic donations and volunteer work support education.