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Life at BIC

Millions of products are produced and marketed daily by BIC all over the world, thanks to the dedicated men and women who make it happen. With so many ways to contribute, chances are you will find the right role for you. Read more to see what your experience can be at BIC, and click here to explore employment opportunities.

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Why Join Us?

In delivering our vision of offering “Simple, Inventive and Reliable Choices for Everyone, Everywhere, Every Time”, we offer quality products at a great value that improve and simplify the everyday lives of consumers throughout the world. Since our founding in 1944 by Marcel Bich, we have evolved into a multi-national corporation with a presence felt all over the world. In more than 160 countries worldwide, we are a global leader in our three core business categories; Stationary, Lighters & Shavers. 


With a strong commitment to encouraging future and current team members to “Unlock the Best You!”, people are at the heart of our business.  Team members contribute to our success by modeling the BIC Values of Ethics, Responsibility, Teamwork, Simplicity and lngenuity.  At our core, we are customer and consumer focused, with our values driving our daily decisions. 


We are proud to foster an empowering work environment that supports creative thinking and the freedom to take action to help advance our business goals.

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Global Reach

Our business is borderless, offering team members the opportunity to exercise cultural curiosity and to work with a diverse workforce in a global marketplace.  Increasing globalization requires connections far beyond traditional methods, so we encourage employees and their managers to focus on building relationships and fostering flexibility, designed to deliver business results and enable employees to grow their careers while meeting personal needs.

Do you see yourself crossing the ocean, moving up the ladder, or exploring a new aspect of your profession? There is no limit to your global career prospects at BIC! Whether it is part of your career path or your initiative, we encourage you to explore global opportunities through our internal career opportunities program.

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Growth & Recognition

Supporting continuous team member development is vital to delivering superior service to customers and consumers. At the same time, we strive to be a great place to work where team members enjoy job satisfaction and career advancement. A blended development approach has proven successful at BIC and we encourage all team members to build a development plan using the 70/20/10 model; 70% learning from experience, 20% learning from others, and 10% learning from training.  With your manager, you will create a plan that focuses on your needs. Using this plan, you and your manager will have continuous feedback touchpoints throughout the year to recognize accomplishments and level-set expectations to ensure your success. 


We also encourage our team members to step out of their comfort zones and embrace individual and organizational changes through on-the-job learning opportunities and classes provided by our internal learning platform, BIC University, which offers training opportunities designed to help team members enhance their skills, achieve their goals and prepare them for future opportunites.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to hire team members with different backgrounds and experiences to help us build better products, make better decisions and better serve our customers. We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone can be their best, most authentic selves. We believe that we are better together and it is in that spirit that we created our credo for diversity and inclusion:


-Diversity at BIC is the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team, to bring the benefit of diverse viewpoints which will make our organization stronger and better prepared for the challenges ahead.


-Inclusion is the support for a collaborative environment that values open participation from individuals with different ideas and perspectives that has a positive impact on business.


-Leadership in our organization is transparent, communicative, and engaging. We seek to proactively build an inclusive environment where all can unlock their full potential.

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When it comes to health, wellness, and flexibility, everyone has different needs.  Through company-sponsored benefit programs, we've got you covered! We offer our team members the resources needed to make informed healthcare decisions, live healthy lives, and thrive at work and at home. 


Our commitment to well-being supports team members with competitive, location specific total rewards packages, safe workplaces, and well-being programs. We provide a safe and healthy workplace that supports team members and their families' ability to maintain and improve physical, emotional, and financial aspects of their health.


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Giving Back

Our corporate social responsiblity programs inspire and engage team members by providing a platform to make a meaningful difference in the communities in which we live, work and serve.  For many years, we have backed a wide range of educational initiatives all over the world. The BIC Corporate Foundation supports education in every sense of the word, with the goal of “give to create.” Never limited to merely providing aid, our actions seek to make the beneficiaries stronger, more versatile and more self-reliant. By developing their skills and sharing methods, we show them a path forward: their own. Learning how to learn and to take control of one’s future is the principle upheld by all the organizations we work with.

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Our comprehensive Sustainable Development program reflects our commitment towards the environmental, social and societal impacts of our products and operations. Our ambition is to ensure that we limit our impact on the planet and make a meaningful contribution to the lives of the people we employ and society in the long term, simply because it is the right thing to do. Our "Writing the Future, Together "Program, created in 2018, reflects our vision by 2025 and beyond.


In addition, we have integrated circular economy in our approach on Product & Packaging, supported by our 4R philosophy (Reduced, Recycled and alternative, Refillability, Recyclable). On our journey to circularity, we have also developed meaningful partnerships from Terracycle since 2011 to Ubicuity, Biospeed, Loop or the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 


To learn more about our Writing the Future, Together program, click here.

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If you're looking for an international experience offering true responsibilities within an enriching environment.


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