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Full Year 2016 Results

financial results 2016 girl drawing

Bruno Bich, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


“Our solid 2016 results are further testimony to the quality and strength of our business model.


In a fast-moving and challenging market environment, such as in Shavers in the U.S., Net Sales growth was robust and consistent across all consumer categories. Despite the planned increase in operational investment, Normalized Income from Operations remained healthy.


In 2017, the volatility of currencies and the unpredictable global environment will require increased levels of agility from our teams to ensure continued success. We plan to deliver mid-single digit organic growth in Net Sales. We will continue to launch new products and strengthen our distribution, with a focus on e-commerce in developed markets. To enhance long-term growth, we plan another year of selected investments in R&D, CAPEX and Brand Support. The total impact of these investments on Normalized Income From Operations margin will be approximately -100 basis points compared to 2016, excluding major currency fluctuations.”