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BIC Shelton Celebrates Global Handwriting Day

BIC Shelton team members at Handwriting Day event

On January 23, BIC team members in Shelton celebrated Global Handwriting Day with a special lunch event featuring handwriting expert Dr. Marc Seifer.

The event included a presentation and discussion of famous signatures ranging from John Hancock to Neil Armstrong and Walt Disney. He also gave team members a behind-the-scenes look at how he used handwriting analysis, or graphology, to solve complex court cases and explained how handwriting can hold clues to someone’s personality.

Seifer explained, “Handwriting can be analyzed by whether its round or angular, narrow or wide. It can even give insight on how a person sees the world. Larger handwriting, for instance, can indicate someone who is more open-minded.”

Team members’ own handwriting was analyzed at the event. Before starting his presentation, Marc asked attendees to write out sets of arrows, stick figures and words. Then, when his presentation ended, he revisited those drawing to see if BIC Shelton team members could use what he introduced to conduct their own handwriting analysis. Most of the group noticed similar patterns in their handwriting including drawing arrows to the left to indicate the past, drawing with increased pressure when asked to make angry scribbles and more.

Finally, the group ended the presentation with in-depth analysis of famous handwriting throughout the generations, as well as an informative Q&A.

To learn more about Dr. Marc Seifer and his work, click here.