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4 Inseparable Colours:
a new viral campaign for BIC

The four Inseparable Colours

BIC is launching a highly irreverent viral campaign for its BIC® 4 Colours ball pen.  


BIC® 4 Colours is an icon. Simple, convenient and reliable, the ball pen with its unique and immediately recognizable shape has been supporting generations of students and workers since its launch in 1970.  


More than time to celebrate its popularity! BIC and the agency Toy designed an irreverent viral campaign based on a simple idea: Inside a BIC® 4 Colours ball pen, there are four colours patiently waiting to be called on. The campaign tells the amusing story of these four flatmates with an original look (check out their skin-tight jumpsuits!) and character:  


Blue, a bit of a big head as he’s the most demanded - Red, who loves correcting people – Black, only called on as a substitute for Blue which explains his rather bad attitude – Green who is relatively underused making him not only work-shy but also sensitive and flabby.