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Unas palabras de Gonzalve BICH, CEO:

"Nuestro programa de compromisos de desarrollo sostenible, “Writing the Future, Together” concluyó su primer año con resultados sólidos. Gracias al compromiso de los colaboradores BIC, me enorgullece decir que vamos por el buen camino para lograr nuestras metas fijadas para el año 2025.

picto bic kids Recomendado por profesores
VER MÁS 89% dos professores recomendaram a gama de coloração BIC Kids (Estudio francés).

The Youth Olympic Games are taking place in Buenos Aires from 6th to 18th October. The sailing competitions (windsurf, kitesurf and catamaran) are happening just over 30km west of the city, at Argentina’s famous San Isidro sailing club on the shores of the immense Rio del Plata river delta. The Olympic Committee has once again selected the BIC Sport Techno 293 OD as the official competition board, and the 48 athletes who had qualified from 2017 and 2018’s national and international Techno events are here in Argentina for the showdown. 


BIC is made to last and so is its fresh new Annual Report!
This year, we’ve decided on an ongoing, year-long conversation with you, to welcome you into our world, and share, up close, our obsession with high quality at fair price and innovations, sustainable concept developments, high class manufacturing attitude, and social commitments that are BIC.


dibujo de 3 íconos masculinos, una luz roja y una luz verde
VER MÁS Sin ética, nada es duradero.

The student Jisoo Yoo won the second edition of the BIC® Prize for ENSAPC with her work "Métamorphose" (107 x 52 cm, 2017), a drawing made with 3 BIC® pens: BIC® Intensity® Fine, Roller Glide pro 0.5mm and BIC® Cristal® original.

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