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BIC® Shavers Celebrate 40th Anniversary:
from revolution to technology

Shavers and mirror

1975: Marcel Bich introduced the first one-piece non-refillable shaver, BIC® Classic. 2015: 2.6 billion BIC® shavers are purchased every year by consumers worldwide.


June 2015 - 40 years ago with the launch of the BIC® Classic shaver, BIC transformed the shaving market by offering for the first time a non-refillable shaver that provided  high quality combined with maximum safety. Simpler, more practical, cleaner.


In 2015, BIC has become a key player in the shaving market, n°1 in volume in the United States in the non-refillable shaver segment, where BIC has just launched BIC® Flex 5, its first five-blade shaver.