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Collecting and recycling writing
instruments in France

Children with boxes

BIC and Terracycle are launching the first program for collecting and recycling writing instruments in France - This civic gesture also allows money to be raised for non-profits or schools  


BIC, the world leader in ballpoint pens, is associating itself with TerraCycle, a pioneering upcycling and recycling company, to organize the voluntary collection of writing instruments in the very places where they are used (schools, companies, universities…) in order that they be recycled.      


Sponsored by BIC, this program enables all writing instruments, regardless of whether or not they are BIC® branded, to be recycled into new useful products such as pen holders, wastepaper baskets and watering cans.

In return for this civic gesture, 2 Euro cents per writing instrument collected will be donated to a charity or not for profit chosen by the organization responsible for the collection or, in the case of schools, the money will be donated directly to the school in order to finance a future educational project.  


Getting involved with the BIC® and TerraCycle® collection and recycling program is simple: a volunteer from each school, university, or company that is interested in launching a campaign should register for free on the website: from which the volunteer will be able to download material for the launch (posters, flyers, prepaid shipping labels…). Then the collection of used writing instruments can begin! The collection is then sent for free to TerraCycle’s warehouse in near Lille, France where the writing instruments are processed to be made into new products.  


Talking about the partnership, Marie Saglio, General Manager of BIC France stated: “Our writing instruments are known across the world for using a minimum amount of material while still offering high quality with a long writing length (the BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen weighs only 5.8 grams and writes for at least 2 km). 13 of our core products received the French Official ecolabel NF Environnement, which guarantee responsible consumption. But BIC will not settle for this. As worldwide leader in the ballpoint pen market, it is our responsibility to offer innovative solutions in terms of sorting waste and solutions for our products’ end of life. Today, used writing instruments are not collected by any dedicated recycling waste stream. Thanks to the BIC-TERRACYCLE program, they will now have a second life.”  


“TerraCycle is extremely excited by the opportunity to expand our upcycling programmes in Europe,” said TerraCycle’s European General Manager, Chris Baker. “With the help and support of BIC we can change the way consumers perceive waste and I believe the progressive mindset of consumers in France will ensure our program is well-received and very successful.”